Writing Secret #6 - Trust Your Voice

There are all these extra "rules" English teachers, writers, and frankly everyone will try and tell you. One reason I leaned toward the sciences as an undergraduate was because I knew when I was right - I knew when it was “good.” 

Pieces turned into English professors, excellent, creative pieces would come back with blah comments. Others I slapped together in 90 minutes because I had four exams the same week, came back with high scores and accolades about my "pristine prose."  

Writing, like reading is personal. It’s an individual activity. 

It is also an art like any other, with basic rules, grammar, spelling, words not to be used because they add little meaning (e.g. very).  Learn the rules like a champ, read-read-read, and then create your art.

If you’ve read enough you will write well it’s that simple. Our brains naturally seek patterns. These patterns will be replicated with practice and desire but you must trust yourself. Trust your voice and only your voice. 

Don’t listen to the echoes - Ms. Ludite's critiques from seventh grade or Dr. Millweed pontificating during your MFA. 

Trust in you, your voice, and the words needed to paint your story.

JulieArt, #creativity, #trust