Writing Secrets #5 - SENSES

Internalize the scene. Breathe it in and watch it surround you.  See the Sagrada Familia in your mind’s eye, stand inside of it, and let your mind stretch to its zenith.

I relive moments as I write about them. I let my mind time travel and melt into the chosen scene. Shoulders relax, lungs fill, and my fingers fall loose at the keyboard as they are now.  The washing machine whirs with soccer uniforms, wine coats my tongue - I long for another sip, messy bangs fall onto my brow, and my feet cross as a ballerina at my standing desk. How rounded the heels?  How silken the wine?

Bring the reader next to you. They want to know as they don’t yet know themselves in full.  Watching as a voyeur, paint for them the sense they didn’t know they had. Bring to words what was always there but never noticed. 

Heightening your readers’ senses will bring them into your scene. They will stand beside you, look through your eyes and understand.