Self Nurture

Self Nurture

When alone, nothing soothes me like ....

... the sound of the cello. Stretched taller, pulled up by my temples, air fills the depths of my lungs.  Eyelids weightless, my brain awakens.

... a picture of my children smiling back at me. Eyes squint, lips smile, teeth barely show, and my shoulders relax.

... the steam escaping my mug. It dances around the rim, freeing itself, changing form forever.

We can be so critical of ourselves - our bodies, our choices, our past. None of this contributes to soothing the moment. It is in the space of a moment where we feel - and there, nurturing ourselves becomes possible.  

Emotions creep and swell. Let it be calm that billows. Allow anxiety to escape and change form ... forever.

Love, Me