Dance with Pelicans


A sunny morning warmed my skin. Eyes relaxed looking to the infinite horizon. The week began with a beautiful walk on the beach.   

A flock of pelicans caught my eye.  They chased and circled a small boat.  A crabber tossed bycatch from his traps.

Birds skidded the surface and jockeyed into position.  Large pelicans adjusted their wings, posture straight and proud.  The man slow turned his boat a bit.  Birds followed his wake.  He reached to feed them from his weathered hand.  Smiling broadly, white teeth glowed against tanned skin.  His presence and peace floated across the water's surface. 

This might have been his favorite moment of the day – it became mine.  His laborious morning culminated in a dance with pelicans.

We all must find ways to dance, even for a minute.  It is in the moments - the spaces of time we hold and enjoy slowly - that become our story and the savory of life. 

Love, Me